We roast our own beans

I recently heard Seth Godin talk about his passion for coffee – although he does not drink it, he only makes it. He said:

We roast our own beans. You can’t make a good coffee with an expensive coffee machine. You need to start with the best beans.

I think this is a good metaphor for how I think about our team at Andreyev Lawyers. It resonates why we like to hire young graduates who have the right attitude and approach to life – and then we roast then into good lawyers! Fortunately for them, the ‘roasting’ reference is just a metaphor…

Tim and Seth

I just finished listening to Tim Ferris interview Seth Godin. Listen here.

I know I am only one in several million people who get so much out of listening to them – but I really do. Seth is at a whole new level to Tim, but they each bringĀ an invigorating perspective to life.

Enough so, that I am going to start up this blog again.


First, because I want to keep a journal of notes for myself. A place where I can find things I might want to find again someday – like the link to the interview between Tim and Seth, like the names of people I have met and learned from.

Secondly, because I think I am good at identifying ideas and content that is interesting to other people.

If you have found this blog – then that’s amazing! Welcome. Sign up to hear more.